Pumpe Lub LM-Pico 24 volt

kr12,299.00 Inkl. mva

Filling of the Pump 1. Lubricant: NLGI Cl.0-Cl.2, it is strongly recommend using the different special grease under the following temperature: a) -10℃~70℃,normal grease can be used, b) -20℃~-10℃, low temperature grease -30℃~120℃ is recommended, c) -30℃~-20℃, low temperature grease -40℃~120℃ is recommended.

2. Keep the pump being vertical during the filling process.

3. The refilled grease level can not be higher than the “Grease Level Max”. Keep watching the grease level when an electrical filling machine is working, stop the engine of electrical filling machine before the grease level 5-10mm lower than the “Grease Level Max” position.

4. It is strictly forbidden to remove the top cover of the pump for filling lubricants!

5. Only fill in clean lubricants! The service life of the pump elements highly depends on the quality of the used lubricants.


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