Pumpe Lube LM-EP 24 Volt

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System Overview The Lubmann progressive central lubrication pump type – ALP811 is electrically operated and has up to a max. 3 independently operating lubricant outlets, which can be engaged by bypasses.

A separate pump element PE is required for each outlet.
Three different delivery rates are available.
This allows the grease quantity to be metered precisely for the requirements of the individual progressive distributor layouts.
These pumps enable the delivery of lubricants up to NLGIClass 2 at a working pressure of maximum 300 bar (adjusting of Safety Valve SV). Dia. 4.2 ALP811 Front View OverviewTechnical data: Motor: Operating Voltage: 12V DC ±10% 24V DC ±10% Revolutions: 20 rpm Relative duty cycle: 30% ED S3 30 minutes Current consumption at +20°C: Idling: 1A 0.6A Full load: 5A 3A Fuse: 10A 6A Pump: Max. number of pump elements: 3 Max. Operating pressure: 350 bar Adjusting of pressure relief valve till: 300 bar Permissible operating temperature: -35°C to +70°C Sound pressure level <70 dB Reservoir size: 1 L Mounting position: Vertical Protektion type: IP65 as per ISO Lubricant: Greases up to NLGI- Cl.2 The ALP80 series pump has fixed pump reservoir size as 1 litre.

ALP80 can be controlled externally e.g. via PLC or an additional internal control unit AK06.
The pump can also be delivered with a number of different integrated controllers.

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